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Create a clean & healthy home

Bring in a cozy autumn ambiance with a warm blend of rich ginger, spicy nutmeg, and comforting clove.

Simply Put: Ingredients Matter®

Our line of products are powered by nature and formulated without harmful chemicals so you can breathe easy knowing you're getting exceptional fragrance (aka pure essential oils) without the endocrine disruptors. 


Petrochemical Free


Powered By Plants


Best Sellers 

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Bring the serenity of the outdoors in with our selection of non-toxic Fall aromas

Why we say no to fragrance:

Fragrance is a blanket term that can include up to a whopping 4,000 chemicals that may include endocrine disruptors, carcinogens and allergens. Because of this, fragrance has become the new second-hand smoke. Yeah, no thanks. We don't believe in secrecy, harsh chemicals or respiratory irritants to save on cost. What we do believe in is the power of plants and true aromatherapy. Our trademark #ingredientsmatter went viral on Instagram and Tiktok because well, it's true, ingredients do matter.

Synthetic Fragrance Free | Propylene Glycol Free | Cruelty-Free | Pet-Safe | Vegan & Non-GMO
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Pure Plant Room Sprays 

2 for $30 (Save $4!)

100% plant-based and propylene glycol free
Why do Ingredients Matter®
We're a mother-daughter duo who are incredibly passionate about ingredients. Every ingredient in our products has been meticulously vetted, researched and studied before making it into one of our formulas. Growing up with severe asthma and my mom living with her auto-immune condition, every ingredient matters to us. We believe that you absorb what you inhale, and we believe that what goes on your skin goes in your skin.

Every day, your health is being impacted by the candles and personal care products you use.
This is why you will not find any synthetic fragrances, petrochemicals, artificial stabilizers, colorants or known irritants in any of our products. We welcome you to experience true aromatherapy with us, and we are so happy you're here. 

#ingredientsmatter @meaningfulmantras

Sofia (daughter)

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Tina (mom)

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Soak In Goodness 

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Made with pure essential oils, because no one wants to soak in undisclosed chemicals.
Made with sustainability & little ones in mind